A Rod was benched for Shananigans with Model during game

English: Alex Rodriguez

English: Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi was down 1 run with the most prolific Home run hitter in baseball  sitting on his bench against a left-handed pitcher and he chose to trust Raul Ibanez who does not hit left handers nor does he hit well on the road.

Alex Rodriguez  was benched again by Joe Girardi his manager after it was revealed that The Yankees had gotten word that A source close to the Yankees told them that A-Rod was flirting with a woman in the stands and even sent her his phone number on a baseball after he has been removed from the game.  Alex Rodriguez was set to sit out again today ,rumors were swirling as reported by Keith Oberman that the Marlins and Yankees has had discussions about a possible deal for Rodriguez during the off-season.

This is my Opinion  Joe Girardi will feel the heat and install Alex back into the line up  he will go 2 for 3 with a walk  but the Yankees will lose 4-3 and we have seen the last of A Rod in New York as a New York Yankee.  I think Joe Girardi made this move based on him hearing about A Rod flirting during a game in which they were losing

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