Sprung Robert Pattinson takes Kristen Stewart back

Kristen Stewart at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7...

Cover of "Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edit...

Cover of Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Robert Pattinson can probably have any woman he wants but he let the world know that he wants Kristen Stewart back. After Kristen pretty much humiliated Rob in front of the entire world he has decided that he is forgiving her

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are spreading their renewed love all over El Lay!

The Twilight lovers made ANOTHER post-reconciliation appearance over the weekend!

After being caught on camera in hipsterville, the couple was seen at Chateau Marmont to celebrating a pal’s B-day.

We’re told the couple looked crazy in love Beyoncé style, showing off some serious P.D.A all night!

One spy says they spent the evening “whispering very close and intimately,” at at one point they even “snuck into the garden from a private side entrance” for a little one-on-one sexy time! Oh la la!

Unlike Jennifer Aniston and fiance Justin Theroux (who were spotted at the hotspot Saturday night) Bella and Edward kept it suuuper casual.

Rob was wearing the baseball cap — the same one KStew seen wearing during their short-live separation — and both sported jeans and tees.

Aw! It’s like their split NEVER happened!

Hopefully we’ll get to see some of this lovey-doviness first hand on the Breaking Dawn red carpet next month!

That is so weak dude  grow a set

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