Wow News: Chris Brown & Rihanna to elope on New Years Eve?


Of course I will never get the credit because I am not backed by Major ads like Media take out and  or I don’t befriend the celebrities like Necole Bitchie has successfully done, But I was the first one telling EVERYONE that Chris Brown and Rihanna was back together long before Yesterday matter of fact over a year ago Read That Story here     I also told you months ago  I believed that Chris Brown has been using Karrueche Tran as a decoy and a beard to re-establish his image and detour people’s attention from him and  Rihanna Read That Story here    So maybe now you will listen to me  when I tell you this….


According to  a stylist of One of the 2 who hangs out on the party scene and spends their time trying to be  a twitter celebrity Rhi Rhi and Chris are planning on Getting married  this year  and get this  They are seriously thinking about Eloping on New years eve and saying their ” I do’s” at 12 Midnight on Jan 1 2013. Another thing  this stylist confirmed is that  the tattoo that Chris Brown  got on his neck that he is swearing up and down is NOT Rihanna is in fact Rihanna not some commemoration of Dia de los Muertos”  The stylist later goes on to say  “He has that there as  a reminder of how much Pain he put Rihanna thru and what almost destroyed his life, it is also kind of like a confession but come on  the same eye is blackened  the marks on the lips the facial structure  of course it’s Rihanna  and the sick thing is  Rihanna is in love with the fact that he has that tattooed on his neck, The explanation of the tattoo are just the Spin Doctors (P.R Reps) doing their job”    Whoa!

I only mess with reliable sources ( as all of you know) This sound just like something  Rihanna and Chris would do  Against All Odds  type of thing  “Which happens to be one of Rhi’s favorite movies” The Stylist says


So you people ready to start believing me yet?

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