Nicki Minaj “says Mariah called me a bitch” then threatens her life?


I know people think this Nicki Minaj Mariah Carey feud is a publicity stunt  but im not so sure anymore. We reported that Mariah Carey was never in love with the idea of Nicki Minaj coming aboard especially not making almost  the same amount of Money she is. “Mariah doesn’t think Nicki has any talent and does not want Nicki on the show as a judge” source says.Well Nicki seem to have gotten tired of Mimi’s antics and she just went off. The TMZ cameras turned on after Nicki allegedly said ” If i had a gun” but if you listen careully you can hear Nicki saying ” One more disrespectful thing  and it’s off with your head”


Then Barbara Walters stuck her 2 cents in it on The View 


Walters came on the show and said that “Mariah Carey told her that Nicki Minaj threatened to shoot her”







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