Soap Opera Twitter beef Y&R stars go at it on Twitter

English: Actor Michael Muhney at 2010 Daytime ...



Well we all know that Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) and Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) are always at each others throats on-screen playing father and son but  that tension seemed to boil over to the twitter world. Eric Braeden who until recently did not even have a twitter account he swore  he would not get one  but because of the constant bugging of fans and co workers he finally got a twitter account and immediately got into a little twitter war or words with his on-screen son Michael Muhney who is a twitter vet.. Some thought it was all an act just the two staying in character but  Most people think it was Eric Braeden responding to a comment that Muhney made about the storyline. You be the judge

Ouch!  I believe Braeden’s tweet was later deleted so  that would pretty much re assure everyone that it was real

I see where they are both coming from but I kinda agree with Eric  I really think M.M may have been a little out of line,However he was telling the truth.. The Y&R needs to kill the  dead Victor stories because we all know he will never die off that show    Thank God 🙂

German-American actor Eric Braeden in Los Ange...


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