Lindsay Lohan assaulted in Hotel Room then charges dropped by police

Actress Lindsay Lohan. Photo by Rafael Amado D...



Seems like every week Lindsay Lohan is in the news for all the wrong reasons. I have went on record and reported that a psychic predicted that Lindsay Lohan would be the next big celebrity found dead and she would be found dead in New York, well this is where all these things are happening.. If you Remember Lindsay last week got rushed to the hospital because of a lung infection (huh?) that sounds really serious and of course it has been all the run ins with the law lately,being accused of  theft,hit and runs and still and all Lindsay finds herself out of jail and able to pretty much go and come as she pleases. Now this….

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Ok so you figure after the police sees this and sees that the person she was with has a record and history of run ins with celebrities  you would think they would arrest this guy and press charges after Lindsay says the Guy choked her right? check out what happen

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Lindsay I am trying to warn you  SLOW DOWN!! You are going down the wrong path in life  and if you do not stop  you will be following in the footsteps  of Amy Whinehouse,Anna Nicole Smith  Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson

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