Is this the girl that is really in the Kanye West sex tape

A New Sex Tape Of Kim Kardashian And Kanye West (Video)

Remember a couple of months ago there was a pic that was said to be tweeted by Kanye West and people said it was Kim Kardashian naked eating breakfast in a hotel room? Well remember how quickly Kanye rep came and said “no Kanye did not tweet that pic? Well that is allegedly a pic from a sex tape made by Kanye West and Porn star Amia Miley. Yes she is the Adult film star (makes sense) that is in the sex tapes with Kanye West..  A secret source close to the adult film star has spilled the beans ” Amia is known for very athletic sex scenes  Kanye is a big porn fan and he saw a scene with Amia and saw that she did bare a striking resemblance to Kim (who he admittingly was in love with years ago) Kanye  had his people contact Amia and arranged a  session for the both of them   Kanye told  Amia  he sees that the guys in her scenes could not keep up with her  but he believes he can (that may explain why the tapes are so long).  When that pic leaked  they had to quickly clean that up  because Amia is seeing The guy from Jersey Shore”       A call to Kanye’s PR and Lawyer was not returned

Amia Miley

Take a look at Amia in action  and my oh my  if he did No wonder Kanye contacted her   wow!    So maybe  Mony Mon was not lying  it was not her

and for the  NSFW  video     Click Here

This Story although told to H.H  by a source is Alleged  However  you got to admit  it makes more sense now


One thought on “Is this the girl that is really in the Kanye West sex tape

  1. Wow thanks that is why I love this site no.b.s lies

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