Confirmed: Kanye West has not one but 2 sex tapes


Kanye West performing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.





Credit to http://www.radaronline for coming out with this story first not TMZ. It seem like TMZ was scared to pull the trigger on this story but it has been confirmed that Kanye West does have not one but two sex-tapes. It was rumored early last week that Kanye West had a sex tape with a Kim Kardashian look-alike  that woman later revealed to be Mony Mon an aspiring model from California, although later the gorgeous Mony went to twitter to tell the world she was not in the video. Now Kanye is reported to have 2 sex tapes and they are both pretty long 40 Minutes and Twenty Minuets respectively. Sources say tape is being shopped by a third-party to the highest bidder. It is also said that Kanye is willing to pay millions for the tape not to come out. How did this tape get out? from what we hear Kanye says that these tapes were stolen off his computer


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