Mony Mon says “I am not the one on the Kanye sex tape”



English: Kanye West at the Vanity Fair kickoff...


English: Kim Kardashian attending Maxim's 10th...


Nicole Scherzinger




Despite several websites who swore they had confirmation 100% that there is s sex tape that exist with Kanye West and a Kim Kardashian Look Alike name Mony-Mon ( She is a dead ringer for Kim)



The beautiful young Model from California has now taken to twitter to say  that it is indeed not her in this video



I have heard several websites confirm that there is  a video. 


Mony is saying someone is going around stealing her photos



I’m sure she meant sued


I never knew there was anyone that  resembled Kimmie more than the Pussy cat dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger  but I guess I was wrong.. This woman is just as gorgeous as Kimmie



it’s almost creepy how much they look alike  but hell the more Kim Kardashians   we have walking this earth the better







2 thoughts on “Mony Mon says “I am not the one on the Kanye sex tape”

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  2. she is gorgeous thats for sure but i believe her story

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