Karrueche bombarded with Chris/Rihanna questions while she is out


Caught this story over at the one and only http://www.necolebitchie.com

Chris Brown’s girl? I don’t know ex girl whatever Karrueche was out enjoying the LA nightlife (for the 3rd time without Breezy since the RihannaChris  kiss) and all she is getting hounded with are questions about Rihanna and Chris Brown. Karrueche plays it off nicely with smiles and pretty much taking the high road but if this is legit ( which I truly do not think it is) this has to bother her. I have gone on record (and I own up to it) that I believe either one or 2 things. 1. This whole thing is set up and Karrueche is a paid decoy  for Chris and Rihanna  or 2 Chris is using Karrueche and she doesn’t even know it and is totally in love with him  because who? would go through all this  the Oprah interview, The kiss, The meetings in clubs and on yachts? I mean come on.. Anyway  check out some of the pics  from necolebitchie  they need to leave my baby Karrueche alone.. Dayum she is fine   Just saying


2 thoughts on “Karrueche bombarded with Chris/Rihanna questions while she is out

  1. i have to say if she is with Chris for real then I applaud her she has stood by Chris despite the rumours and media being mean to her i personally dont think CB is still into Rihanna he knows Rih has been sleeping around unless he just want to use her for his own reputation since they both messed his career. its obvious that neck tatoo is rih battered face he can deny that, maybe its a reminder of his downfall i wish him the best coz noone is perfect

    • i truly think he wants to still sleep with rihanna even if he doesnt want her as his girl but i do not believe he loves karrueche at all and its sad cause she is really beautiful

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