WTF! 50 cent partners with Pacquiao Him and Floyd are done


Didn’t I tell you all that 50 cent and Floyd Money Mayweather was falling out   allegedly over Miss Jackson ? Click Here if you missed it Well if you didn’t believe it then  maybe you will now  because 50 cent has partnered with Manny “Pac-Man Pacquiao  to form a joint boxing promotions company.. What? Either 50 Cent is a master manipulator and is going undercover to infiltrate camp Pacquiao or 50 and Floyd’s bromance  is over

Now remember I told you That there was a reported fight between the two back in May of 2012 Click Here if you missed it  Reportedly over money  But I told yall back then it was not over money that Floyd allegedly owed 50(rumors say he owed him 10 stacks) but The rumor is that Floyd punched 50 in the face and 50 didn’t even attempt to fight back..

Now why would Floyd punch 50 over money that he owed 50? He wouldn’t  he found out  that 50 was piping his Fiance  that is my bet.


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