Told Yall ! Beyonce– There’s NO BEEF with Kim Kardashian



I know this is going to piss off all the BEYhive  that does not want Beyoncé talking to Kim Kardashian like they know Kim Personally and they know for a fact that she will ruin  Beyoncé’s image  but Beyoncé and Kim have no beef  according to  a person very close to Beyoncé  she says that “the 2 actually really like each other” Beyoncé is the type that does not listen to other people and why they don’t like a certain person  as long as they don’t do anything  to her she gives them the benefit of The Doubt  until they do something  to her” The source says  they watched  the concert together laughing and hugging  the entire time”  Kim Kardashian  did not try to get all of Director  Ron Howard’s attention


This is How TMZ reported it

Kim Kardashian and Beyonce don’t hate each other’s guts — despite reports — in fact, they’re BFFs.

There was lots of speculation this week following a story in which Bey allegedly confronted Kim at Jay-Z‘s recent Made in America event in Philadelphia — asking Kim to stop posing for the cameras because she was stealing Jay-Z’s spotlight.

Director Ron Howard was at the event too — and according to reports, Kim approached Ron to cast her in one of his films … another detail that allegedly pissed off Beyoncé.

But sources close to Beyoncé’s camp tell us, there was no confrontation whatsoever — in fact, when Kanye performed with Jay-Z at the event … we’re told Beyoncé and Kim watched their men together backstage, laughing and hugging the whole time.

As one source put it, “They love each other — they talk fashion, family, Beyoncé’s baby all the time.”

As for the Ron Howard thing — we’re told Kim never uttered a word to him the entire day.

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