Report: Rihanna reportedly goes in On Asap Rocky “who told you to touch my a**”

The other night at the Video Music Awards for MTV Asap Rocky performed the song Cockiness  with Rihanna  and it looks like Rocky  got a little cocky.. Near the end of the set Asap came up on Rihanna  and she was supposed to turn  her back to the crowd  then turn around and wink  instead  Asap Rocky attempted to Kiss Rihanna   then grabbed a great big handful of ass..People did not know how to respond  it looked planned but you can clearly see Rihanna push him away  every so slightly…   Well ***REPORTEDLY****  Rihanna did not take to kind to Asap Rocky’s actions until after she watched it. Rihanna allegedly called Asap  and told him  he never has to worry about  performing with her anymore’  Reportedly  Rihanna screamed Who told you to touch my ass?  when Asap Rocky just responded  with a ” it was not that serious” type attitude

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