Draya speaks on Chris Brown and Karrueche


Everyone in the  blogosphere world want to know  What’s up with Draya,Karrueche and Chris Brown? The first is always “How can she be friends with someone who used to be with her man and the second question is always Do you guys do 3somes? Draya was on The Breakfast Club in New York City on Friday and Draya finally cleared the air and put everyone on  about what goes on when Her,C-Breezy and Karrueche get together

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2 thoughts on “Draya speaks on Chris Brown and Karrueche

  1. the fact that she knows her place she is the bomb and as for Kae I applaud her for being so strong ignoring the media and the bullying she gets everyday on twitter she is just like Tiny pple make fun of her at the end of the day she sleeps next to her man everyday. This Chrihanna bandwagon shld just die I used to be one of the Chrihanna stans but I have realised that CB doesnt want Rihanna no more honestly if he wanted he wld be with her by now whatever happened that night and the reason why they fought is the reason why they will neer be together and Rihanna shld just let it burn

    • thank you for your comment but i totally disagree chris brown would not be leaving that fine ass woman at home when she clearly wanted to go he had planned on seeing rih rih and i hear they spent time together after wards that will be coming out shortly. He is using karrueche he does not love her he knows she will go for anything he does

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