Is Karrueche Tran just a cover up to give Chris Brown a free path To Rihanna?


I have been contemplating bringing this up for the  simple reason of not knowing if I could convince people to think outside the box  so I just sat and waited and read and heard and researched and collected information and now I am ready to share my notion to the world. A lot of people will say I am crazy, a lot of people will agree but I have to put it out there because I am a writer and that’s what writers  do.. I need to know  Do you people think it’s possible that Karrueche Tran is just a cover up? You mean Do I think  that Chris is using her? No   I mean do you think Rihanna,Karrueche and Chris  are all in this together?


Rihanna & Chris Incident   February 9 2009  

Chris & Rih Rih spotted at Diddy’s mansion in Miami  March 2 2009

 July 2009 Chris & Amber Rose spotted at Diddy’s all white affair in the Hamptons where Chris allegedly tried to Kiss Amber

March 7th 2010  he is spotted in Virginia at a basketball game with his rumored new girlfriend Draya Michele and her son

June 7 2010   pic is posted with his new alleged girl Jasmine Sanders

Dec 2010 is the first pic posted of Chris and Karrueche .  Interesting  Draya has stated on numerous occasions that her and Chris dated about 9 months so that means they would have had to start dating prior to that first picture being printed


Anyway  Chris and Karrueche after Numerous attempts of Chris trying to find the perfect rebound were reported to have started dated in December of 2010

But it was a secret date in May of 2011 a weekend in which Karrueche was spotted with Chris Brown  that a Hotel Clerk reported  who she said to be Rihanna calling Brown’s Hotel room  3am in the morning  and yes people Karrueche was with him

Read That Story Here

Ever since then  it has been numerous times where Chris and Rihanna have miraculously popped up at the same venue  and have left the same damn time” as Brown. Now forgive me people  what type of woman  would agree to going out with her ex boyfriend  to a spot where she knows  his ex is going to be  and you constantly hear the rumors  about him still loving her and how she is still in love with him  and you let him take a trip to a yacht in  the south of France where everyone in the world is aware she is there and she is making sub tweets to him  that if nothing else  is making everyone else believe  those tweets were for Brown. What woman who proclaims her love for a man  would let this type of behavior take place?   A woman who expected it a woman who accepts it and yes a woman who is in on it…  Ever notice that as soon as the media catches whim that Chris and Rihanna are in the same place the next day or so  Brown tweets or instagrams pics  to assure EVERYONE that he is dedicated to Karrueche? Ever notice it always comes right behind it?  You Think that Karrueche was OK with the record together? after Rihanna  at one time had a restraining order against Chris?..  It is oh so obvious to everyone that Chris Brown and Rihanna have been and are still secretly seeing each other…

Why would Karrueche do it?

A lot of people (including myself ) would stop and say  Why? What would she have to gain by doing that?…  Well let’s see.  1 she is trying to start a modeling career and what is the most important quality in being a successful model these days? Exposure!   2   Money  I am sure  if this is happening Karrueche is receiving a nice little bit of change  to play dumb and to let herself be made a fool of in the public eye.  There are plenty of reasons  not to  do it  but there is one big reason why you should.  MONEY

This  is what I feel happened

Chris and Rihanna knew about the  backlash and the criticism they would receive if they got back together  so the 2 with the help of a damn good PR firm  came up with this plan  to trick and detour the public’s feelings  about those two hooking up secretly Against All Odds  and make it clear every chance he can  that Karrueche is his girl and there is no way  that Rihanna could ever hold a candle to her…  Gimme a break

I myself  as sexy as i think Rihanna is   I’m sorry  this Karrueche Tran  is just as sexy  and  very very pretty   I would have a hard time  leaving something like that..    Everytime I look at her twitter or her pics  i say to myself ,  Self! Maybe Im overreacting, maybe This is just a crazy notion, there is no way a woman this fine  and this sweet  would ever allow herself to be a pawn in this relationship,  but every time I do that   I just keep taking myself back to  May 2011 and how that Hotel Clerk  said she felt 100% positive  that was Rihanna calling Chris Hotel room that was registered  under  a phony name that  Karrueche gave. That name? Britney!!


I truthfully hope  all of this is just a great big coincidence but when your dealing with stories that you are not 100% sure of  in this business we have a saying  The first story you hear is usually the one closest to the truth, the one that gets out there before the p.r people have a chance to spin it  and the very first time i ever saw Karrueche weren’t they saying that this dude was her man?

Karrueche Out with Friends

JUST Saying.. I will say this.  If Karrueche is not in on it(which I hope she isn’t)  Then i feel as though Chris brown has definitely set this up and is planning on leaving Karrueche and reconciling with Rih somewhere around X-Mas



34 thoughts on “Is Karrueche Tran just a cover up to give Chris Brown a free path To Rihanna?

  1. also if u google it there’s a tweet from draya who tweeted rihanna saying that she won’t judge her #jump. all u have to do is google draya wants chris brown and rihanna to get back together. now if that ain’t proof idk what is. Lol

  2. Duhhh!!! i been knew that and draya is in on it too. google draya wants chris brown and rihanna to get back together. draya tweeted rihanna. theres my proof

    • now this got me thinking about matt kemp and rihanna relationship. when did they officially break up???? INTERESTING

      • Exactly ! They just broke up all of a sudden I believe that she wanted to use matt the same way and he wasnt trying to hear it

  3. This is so far fetched and you guys seem to be reaching here. There are proper screen writers in Hollywood which can do better. Stop spreading lies like this to hurt people,s feelings

    • could be or maybe not. I have been in Hollywood a long time the shit you see go on you could never imagine. You live in this fairytale world where you think these celebrities are perfect people smh

      • This story is complete fabricated BS! Lol. So you really think Rihanna is that dumb?! Or Karrueche? I don’t think so. Why would Rih let someone play/fake move in with someone that is supposed to be HER man?! She doesn’t care about public backlash. She just told the world she still loves him and he IS in a Relationship with someone else

      • you know nothing about Hollywood but thanks for commenting so sad you are though.Rihanna is mentored by Jay-z who does not like Chris Brown that’s why If you think she will just stand up to Jay-z why hasn’t she? have a nice day

      • Rihanna said she saw Chris in St.Tropez and she did tweet it and where Chris was staying saying he came in fast and left with Lud to catch the helicopter and then Tran spotted out by herself. Chris was with Rihanna he did a swoop move and then his PR lied for them same thing in New York he was with her family its all there a word on the street they been seeing each other.

      • bingo

  4. This Article Is On The, Money! I have been saying this was a Cover-Up for many, many months, now! Kae, Draya, Jasmine, Rihanna, and Chris Are Definetely Apart of, This! There are many more players in this, equation! Just As A Good Offense Need A Good, Defense! Motive & Opportunity! Stay Tuned!

    • thank you tune in.. Just a notion i dont expect everyone to agree especially the stans that are blinded by celebrities. I dont believe chris loves her i believe he is using her whether she is in on it or not

  5. The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul! Anything Is Possible With Money, Motive, and Opportunity! I Have Been Saying This Was A Cover-Up For Months, Now! In, Hollywood Money Is, Power! Kae, Draya, Jasmine, CMilian, Amber, Diddy, Jayz, Rihanna, and Chris ! Others, As Well Are Involved! But, That,s What It Took So It Is What It, Is

  6. But….they’ve been together for almost 2 YEARS!!! Rihanna THAT desperate that she would allow this girl to LIVE with Chris, go EVERYWHERE with him, and sleep with him EVERYNIGHT!??! What is Rihanna getting out the deal?!? LMAO! Y’all actually believe this shit!??! LOL! Sad lives y’all lead.

    • if you read the article the article is a question isn’t it? if you dont believe it then dont believe it but dont tear down others that might. plenty of people dont wanna believe the craziness that goes on in the indsutry, the homosexuality the forced homoseuality the bribery the rape the lies the cover ups hey if you dont believe it thats on you

    • Lmfao. Thank youuuuu like Rih gonna let somebody play with her heart like that for 2 years lmfao. That doesn’t make any sense. All the cover ups and covert operations when NO ONE and Mean no one has produced physical evidence or proof that Chris and Rihanna have spent any time together alone. Chris and karrueche are attached at the hip lmfao. I think Rih be stalking and playing on media trying to get him back I’m sure if she did call his room at 3 am karrueche answered and it was probably because she was in another part of the world. I doubt Rih would let anybody keep her from that man. Even Jay z. Besides Jay moved on to Rita Ora now he just gets checks from Rih he really dgaf now. Lol by the way their 2 year anniversary is mid November.

      • Just as you are doing its all speculation however I have proof that they have spent time together im in the industry you arent. i work side by side with publicist you do not that’s a pr’s job is to spin shit they are spin doctors
        thats what they are paid to do see you are looking from a fan or stan point of view you dont know rihanna or chris brown how do you know what they would do? Rihanna and jay-z has been intimately involved for years (who do u think ring the alarm by beyonce was about?) why do u think rihanna an dbeyonce never really saw eye to eye because ppl were whispering to bey about jay’z cheating long ago jay been smashing rihanna he cheated on beyonce with free as welll and that child that he has in trinidad. These are all given facts people inside know what time it is

    • you think that 2 years means anything now when chris and rihanna is locking lips? while karrueche is hangin with another one of his ex’s? what did she sit out and watch it and still talkin about trust? lmao just like i said my article is right on the money he doesnt love karueche


    • Thank you i was saying the same thing and I am the only site that even has the balls to call out something liek this. Even if karruche isn’t in on it I beleive chris is using her as a decoy to get back to rihanna.. keep tuning in and spread the word this is a real enterainment news site better than mto and those liars

  8. I definitely believe Chris is in an open relationship with Kae or she is a decoy. Someone I know from Va, that have interactions with CB, affirmed that CB and Rih started contacting each other immediately when the restraining order was dropped and then Rih said this exact same thing during the Oprah interview.

    Rih and CB just seems to have unfinished business together because they were separated by outside forces and not their own choices. I think the twitter follow, dropping of the order, remixes and Oprah interview are steps to coming out openly. Rih and CB traveled a lot and did stuff together so imagine how hard it would be to have a relationship and it HAS to happen behind closed doors, so they have to wait until the timing is right and with less risk to either career.

    CB just refollowed Rihanna while in Las Vegas this weekend at around 3am ….that is very telling…he is thinking of her even when surrounded by Kae, other women and his crew.

    • Right on the head and this is what i was saying. people to busy time to down me when other bigger blogs like media take out and bossip say shit like this all the time but they put no thought intoo it they just make it up

  9. Bullshit!!! Though I think Chris is immature as fuck! I don’t think he is THAT heartless to be stringing this girl along and playing with her heart and emotions just so the public won’t bash him!? Whaaat!? You people really believe that!? Like fa real fa real? This is not movie. That boy CLEARLY loves Karrueche. Yes we all know he loves Rihanna. That was his first love. You always love your first love. But time goes on, you grow up and meet new people throughout your life. He has clearly moved on, while still having feelings and caring for Rihanna, which is NORMAL like Rihanna said, when you’ve been in love, esp a FIRST LOVE, you will always love that person. I’m sure Karrueche loves her first love also, which was the guy she was with before Chris. Moral of the story is, he doesn’t have to be with Karrueche. Like yall say “She is a nobody”, therefore there is NOTHING stopping him from dropping her ass if he wanted to but apparently he doesn’t! You think if he REALLY felt that STRONGLY about Rihanna like he did back in 09-10, he would still be with Karrueche!!??! Come on people, stop lettin these blogs brainwash yall into this fake ass ghetto love triangle lol.

    • It’s not that simple as Chris and Rih can just be together because they had industry people and millions of people say they will not support you or buy their music, if he or she would date again. And it’s not being heartless if Kae knows her role and how she fits in this equation.

      If we were to be put this to a “woman to woman” perspective:

      1) Would you allow your man to go to his ex girlfriend’s Bday party without you, if they were just friends? NO!

      It was widely reported and confirmed by credible blogs that Chris was at Rih’s BDay party in February, without Kae. They were even seen holding hands at her party.

      2) Would you travel with your man to France and let him leave you in a hotel while he goes with his male friends onto a private yacht without you? NO!

      Rih herself confirmed that Chris was at a yacht party with her.

      3) Wouldn’t you question why your man’s ex keeps showing up at the same clubs as him when there are hundreds of clubs in NYC and LA? And she particularly shows up nights that you are not with him. How would she know your man would be there?

      There are people who tweet from these clubs saying “they are staring at each other” or “ee have Rihanna and Chris Brown in the building”. It’s not lies if everyday joes are seeing them at these events.

      Blogs can make up stories but when you have one of the two parties affirming what blogs have reported…then that is something else… IT’S THE TRUTH!

      • Bravo I love your comment and could not have said,it better…also kae is best friends with draya? Who used to fuck her man n he constantly takes,pics laying all over draya? Also didn’t draya basically tweet to rihanna that she wanted her n Chris back together?

    • first off you never ONCE heard me call Karrueche a nobody NEVER but are you blind? you are the one who is brainwashed by these stars. i dont know if you are a karrueche fan or she from around your way or whatever but chris puts nobody ahead of Rihanna it is not that simple are you in the spotlight? do you mka emillions? no? Thats pressur that they just cant say f everybody we gonna do what we want” You need to wake up

  10. it alll makes sense i been lied to just like i believe Robert whats his face and kristen were never together

  11. Oh please all of this is a load of bullshit. None of you know what’s in Chris’ heart or what he feels. Stop it, have a seat, and reevaluate your lives. Especially you psycho Chrianna stans.

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  13. anyone still thin k it’s bulshit? lmao u stans are amazing

    • Its 2016 and look at Karrueche Tran now her got paid off real good for keeping her mouth shut. So being the cover up which they probably told her gained her lot in the industry. Yea we need to all go back and see where came from and now where her is now.

  14. i believe you. something isn’t right.even now in 2013.

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