Is 50 smashing Floyd’s Fiance’? Watch this video and you tell me

There has been a lot of talk on the Blok about the rumored affair between 50 Cent and His Best friend Floyd Mayweather’s  fiance  Shantel ” Miss” Jackson.   This rumor actually got started over a year ago when 50, Shantel,Floyd and  a video Model  all went out to Marquee in New York City for 50’s birthday. I believe the woman at the time  was Dolicia Bryant. Well I and a few people caught 50 and Shantel making eye contact all night. Now It is still rumored that 50 hooked up with Miss Jackson  before her and Floyd became involved because 50 actually met her first.  Now just here recently when Floyd did his short jail stint  the rumors of the two hooking up while Floyd was away  started running ramped and  sources were saying that 50 when he went to visit Floyd would stay in Las Vegas and Jackson would meet up with him  out there and the 2 would spend the entire day together at 50’s condo  that he owns out there..  Judging by this video  50 definitely seems uncomfortable about something  and check out Miss Jackson’s face  how happy it is while she is taking pictures next to 50 and then when Floyd notices the 2 are too close and comes and separates them..   I am telling you  the eyes never lie  Maybe 50 isn’t smashing her now  but I would my house on it that they have smashed recently. Even if it was only a one Hitter quit her..

50 does not strike me as the type of dude that would risk a true friendship and a friendship that could potentially be worth a lot of money to him  for some p***y, especially when 50 can basically have anyone  he wants whenever he wants. Maybe I am wrong  but 50 doesn’t seem that grimy.HOWEVER  that being said   there was something about this video that didn’t seem right

3 thoughts on “Is 50 smashing Floyd’s Fiance’? Watch this video and you tell me

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  2. Oh yeah, body language, shes happy as a pig in sh*t, but not 50…. I believe those stories about him smashing her when Fraud was a way too… Wow, you can clearly see 50 is annoyed, bothered and distracted by something else… huuum lol… (PS. Cancers wear their emotions on their sleeves most of the time)

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