Serena Williams has Letterman’s eyes poppin out in her Tight Red Dress

” That’s not the only thing Poppin out”  was the words David Letterman whispered under his breath as he couldn’t keep his eyes or hands off of the sexy Serena Williams when she appeared on his show on Thursday night

TV viewers surely could have done without that imagery from the 65-year-old Letterman, but there’s no question the outfit was a stunner. Victoria Beckham designed Williams’ dress. Williams’ shoes were $4000 Christian Louboutin Decorapumps. And there’s no word on who designed her diamond ring, but it was gaudy enough to make most most rappers’ jewelry look modest.

Wednesday night’s Letterman appearance certainly wasn’t the first time Williams has turned heads this summer. In July, she had the audience buzzing at the ESPY’s because of her tight pink dress with a plunging neckline.


Showing up to Letterman was easy for Williams because she’s in New York this week preparing for the start of the U.S. Open on Monday. She discussed the gold medal she won at the Olympics, the damage tennis has done to her feet and why she plays better on grass than any other surface.

Letterman, of course, had to ask whether she’d consider playing tennis in her slinky red dress and heels.

“Wouldn’t that be great?” Williams laughed. “Of course, I wouldn’t get to any balls.”

Fair point. Guess it’s tennis dresses and sneakers for now.


Said it before and I will say it again  she has the baddest body in Hollywood, urban world Sports world  and this world  right now




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