Mama Said Knock you Out: LLCoolJ knocks out burglar trying to rob house


This is how the (what them young bwoys call us?) Old heads?  this is how the old heads do it.. LLCoolJ was chillin chillin minding his business(Pepa Voice) when some Intruder decides that he wants to break into LL’s home while he and his family are home.. Well needless to say I bet this idiot never tries this again. LL went down stairs caught the intruder broke his jaw,broke his jaw   and gave him a few more bruises, LL then detained the intruder until the Police came.  LMAO that’s how we do it  Queens N***A

I am still concerned that all of these celebrities are getting intruders  people breaking in  where are these famous people’s security? 2 months ago Usher had some strange woman on his premises people are getting stalkers showing up to their door   I mean Jesus Christ But I am glad LLCoolJ  protected his family like a real man does


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