Karrueche is heated,Chris Denying he hooked up with Rihanna


Chris Browns’ Girlfriend Karrueche is HOT! about the comments Rihanna made during her interview with Oprah.Rihanna when asked about her and Chris Relationship now  said ” we are really really close friends we love each other”  A close source said that Karrueche was so heated that she got up and left  when she read about it on twitter..  She had been hearing from different people  that Chris and Rihanna was hooking up but because Chris  is always convincing Karrueche that it is just the media and people hating  she keeps giving Chris the benefit of the doubt. A friend of  Karrueche says that ” she trust Chris too much  and he knows all he has to do is tell her “I said it isn’t true  would I be doing all these things for you  If i wanted someone else”  SMH Chris Got this girl on smash (no pun intended)

From what we hear Chris is telling Karrueche how could he possibly have hooked up with Rihanna  when she was with him  in France?  But remember Karrueche was not initially with Chris  she joined him later

Rihanna says her and Chris Brown are still in love

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