Exclusive Andrea Herrera aka Kat Stacks exclusive interview from Jail

Andrea Herrera aka Kat Stacks  called in to The Heaven Hollywood show on WBLOK Online radio and Streamed live on WLIR  New York. Kat talked about how the C.O’s in Trout  made her bend over so they can see if she had a cell phone in her Cooch, She also lets evryone know how she plans on changing for the better and hopefully helping young girls who have been victims of Sex trafficking,Prostitution and Domestic Violence. Andrea touches on the rappers that she exposed and lets you know who was beggin for her  to be seen with them. Andrea also lets everyone know which rappers actually reached out to her, How her relationship with her mom has changed and what is the first thing she is going to do when she gets out.

I said it before and I will continue to say it. I was one of the biggest haters and enemies of Kat Stacks  but just like other things in life  sometimes over the course of time and finding out information  you change your mind. i feel as though Andrea should be giving another chance and if she messes up  then send her back..  I for one believe that she has changed.. If we give murderers and rapist second chances  then we can give Andrea a second chance  What are your thoughts


2 thoughts on “Exclusive Andrea Herrera aka Kat Stacks exclusive interview from Jail

  1. this is unlistenable because of the constant drop that plays every 5 seconds. you suck…if you are afraid of being jacked for your exclusive interview get secure and educated. you would have to be credited…the reason you havent gotten any love for this is because of your stupid promotion over the interview. you suck, i cannot listen and will never ever listen to your shit again. fuck you, you insecure fuck

    • First off i have been doing this for years I have already been jacked years ago for my LLCoolJ interview in which hot97 took my voice and my interview and past it off as their own DUMB FUCK you know nothing about media. I have 13 million downloads and 10k subscribers to my bloktv you tube channel which is partnered and i see a check quarterly for you have some nerve telling me what is what. Dumb ass

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