B.O.B (blacking on bloggers) Sandra Rose for lying on Kerri Hilson

I have to take time out  to Black out on a blogger    none other than Sandra Rose  the Whoopi Goldberg of Blogging..   This ugly lying ass Dike has a story out about Kerri Hilson struggling in the music industry because she has been blacklisted due to her blatant disses of Beyonce’  Rose goes on to say  


The top producers and writers are too scared to collaborate or work with her on her new projects for fear of catching some of the backlash. Wouldn’t be surprised if she nudged fellow struggling singer Ciara to do a duet and get some buzz for her declining singing career.



If Sandra Rose said it more than likely it is not true  this ug mug  makes Whoopi Goldberg look like Kim Kardashian this is the same woman who was Stalking Beyoncé and she got a restraining order to keep this moose away from her ..Bitch you say  Keri is struggling yet and still she was just named one of the highest paid Female R&B Singers..  Think I’m Lying?




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