Ok Heaven Hollywood exposes Blogger Jacky Jasper and threatens to do more

Heavenhollywood  is at it again. He is letting lose on some unfortunate soul and this time  it is former artist turned Blogger Jacky Jasper.  Jasper is said to own http://www.diaryofahollywoodstreetking.. Turns out he does not own   this website at all, The site is own  by  a man name  Darrick Angelone  he is  the lover and business partner of Jacky Jasper aka  Greg Comeau.. Angelone is a two-bit  nobody loser who is originally from Florida ,He  came here to run a series of capers with Jasper  which included  theft, child pornography,  money laundering and a host of other things.. Sometimes in this small thing called a world when you do enough dirt in enough places you will eventually run into someone who you have done dirty or committed a crime against who just could be a friend or relative of a industry writer/blogger that  can pretty much go where he pleases at any given time or day, Follow me? If not  when I blast off my show  you will fully understand.. Until then  just check out  my video and I will send my warning shots.. MY G u better keep it cute



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