Breaking News: Chad Johnson arrested for Domestic Violence on Basketball Wives star

Breaking News


Shit! that was quick   Chad  just now realizing  he got a hoe on his hands? Well let me not jump the gun  but hey  Evelyn Lozada never hood what she was about  so Pussy Whipped Chaddy should have seen it coming. Again this is all alleged right now  what those condoms were for  but   lmao



OK people now the story is coming together but now it makes less sense then it previously did.

As we reported earlier from a tip  from TMZ  Chad Johnson had been arrested  for A alleged altercation with his new wife Evelyn Lozada from VH1’s Basketball wives. I originally thought that the incident took place because Chad found a receipt for some condoms that Evelyn had bought but NOW we find out it was the other way around. Evelyn found  a receipt for some condoms that Chad had bought ( hmm they were in a car arguing over possibly another women hmmm doesn’t this sound familiar)

Read Story here

But Hold up! Didn’t Evelyn say that she didn’t mind if Chad Cheated anyway  as long as he protected himself?

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