Serena Williams wins the Golden Slam as she dominates Sharapova in Olympics


LONDON-   I have said it before  I have always said it. When Serena Williams is motivated and in shape  I call her the “Randy Moss” of tennis. When Randy Moss is in shape and motivated he is so much better than the person trying to cover him that it is almost comical. Yesterday Serena Williams achieved  what had only been done by 3 people, which is win at least one major in all 4 grand slam tournaments and then win an Olympic Gold Medal (Steffi Graf ,Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal).. Serena dominated a very good Maria Sharapova 6-0 6-1 in the women’s Gold medal match Read The rest of this story

And I do not believe she is done. I believe that Serena is back fully focused on Tennis again and that is bad news for all of the women tennis players because last time I checked  Steffi Graf or Martina Navratilova was not walking through that door


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