Serena Crip walks after Victory Do you think she went to far? Here is what I think

Serena Williams today did something only 3 other tennis players in the history of Tennis have done and that is win a major in all 4 tournaments and capture a gold medal as well, well after she did it  Ree Ree was definitely overjoyed and she showed it by celebrating with a crip walk victory dance


My Word: Hellllll No it was not disrespectful, Look at here man  The woman just completed a task that only 3 Tennis players in the history of Tennis had ever done. She is at the top of her game after a tough 2011 and tough start to 2012  she is the first American Woman to achieve the task  she is repping for her country  she is not trying to Disrespect anybody  she is not trying to “rub anybody the wrong way”  The woman is just excited and proud of her accomplishments and the way she is playing Tennis right now.. Does anyone ever criticize Sharapova (who has been on record in the past of saying she didn’t care for Serena) when her father would sit out there and  throw punches in the air after every single point? and punch his fist together as a sign to his daughter to destroy? or how even after the very first  point she is pumping her fist  like she already won the match? Stop hating on Serena Williams   I believe this young lady is about to go on a run that is going to finally have EVERYONE convinced  that she is the greatest women Tennis player of ALLTime. Crip it out Ree

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