Jenna Jameson supports Mitt Romney wait until you hear why

She is known to most as The Queen Of Porn” and the author of New York Times Bestseller ‘ How to make love like a porn star”

Now I don’t know how much Ms Jameson knows about politics but she knows why she wants Mitt Romney in office

I am looking forward to having another republican in office  when you rich you want a republican in office”

Now I must admit I am a big fan of Jenna Jameson the porn star  but sweetheart please stay in your lane and stick to what you know best  f****n and S****n  .. Comments like that just immediately makes me believe that Jenna is 1 probably a racist 2 very self-centered and selfish and 3 cares nothing about anyone else outside of her little Hollyweird world..

I am not the biggest Obama fan but I do know this.. In my opinion(and that’s all it is)  If Mitt Romney becomes the President of the United States we as a middle class,low-class people are in a world of trouble

I am almost positive some kind of spin or recanting of statements will come soon  from  ” The Queen”

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