Revealed:The steamy photos that exposed Kristen Stewart


Sometimes even trash mags like The National Enquirer The Star and um The Sun luck up and actually run into a REAL story, I mean the odds are if you have paps posted out on every damn corner of the world 24 hours a day that one day your going to actually have a legit and sometimes damaging story falls in your lap  and that is what happen with Kristen Stewart. As we know a week ago Kristen admitted to the world that she had cheated on her  co-star boyfriend Robert Pattinson whom she had been dating since the 2 met on the set of Twilight in 2008. Here are the steamy revealing pics that made Kristen feel like” well i don’t want him to find out like this and these f****ng paps  got me dead to rights”

Steamy Pics

Oh Well I got to admit it, I love when Hollywood couples break up well except the ones I like  such as Kim and Kanye, but that goes to show anytime those couples that meet on the set of films especially the young ones such as Kristen and just because they have steamy love scenes in the film they get all emotional and start thinking they really love that person. I can see if your already in the prime of your life like Angelina and Brad were but these 2 were youngins and she went to the old head for that SATISFACTION  I ain’t mad at her


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