Vanessa Bryant Furious over Kobe party pics

vANESSA Williams was not at all happy with the pics of her estranged husband on the internet  surrounded by 2 girls with his shirt off

Now sources say Kobe got a drink spilled on him and was only shirtless a real brief time while he waited for another shirt
But being Kobe’s history of cheating and him being in another country without Vanessa is alarming. These pics come a day after the pic with the 2 spanish women sitting next to Kobe as he cheesed away this was said to be  just fans asking for autographs




2 thoughts on “Vanessa Bryant Furious over Kobe party pics

  1. First off the woman with the dress on has her legs open like she’s inviting and the other woman is straddling the bench . Obviously both of these women are groupies looking to get it on . I know its cheaper to keep her but Kobe is gonna end up broke paying hush money to these women he cheats with and to keep Vanessa . Grow up homie !

    • @divime great comment make sure you follow the blog and thats exactly what i saw in that pic the 2 chicks look as though they ready to fuck now the ones in the club they look like they could have been asking for autographs but that 2nd pic look like they in a hotel or apartment that dont look good. Kobe is 33years old its time to stop making your daughters and that beautiful LOYAL WIFE of yours look stupid you gonna get urself caught up in another rape case for money

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