POll Please vote Should Kat stacks get a second chance or be deported?



After 2 years in Immigration lock up in Louisiana Kat Stacks has been ordered to be sent back to Venezuela. Now if you had told me this 2 months ago I would be probably jumping for joy, but being as though I have a family member who has been raped not once but 2times  I know this is the worse feeling ever. I know domestic violence is torturing women of all races  all over the world. So if the court documents are accurate I may feel as though maybe Andrea does deserve one more chance  and after the very first report of her drunk,acting loudly,or using the Kat Stacks persona in a  negative way then she would get deported immediately with no questions asked

Vote tell me whats on your mind

7 thoughts on “POll Please vote Should Kat stacks get a second chance or be deported?

  1. LOL, Kat Stacks wasn’t crying sex trafficking when she was out there fucking around and “Exposing” rappers. But now that she faces deportation, she’s a victim and has found God. FOH! with that BS.

    Deport her. She’s one of the useless trouble making immigrants in this country.

    • i appreciate your comment but i respectively disagree

      • Explain, please.

      • well i do understand that she has done a lot wrong i know better than anyone becuase we have had our confrontations but we didnt know everything we know now. i say give her a second chnce and the first video exposiing rappers the first arrest the first sign of trouble she’s out

      • I’m sorry but she’s one who doesn’t deserve a second chance at living in the United States. The only reason she is crying victim, is because she got caught. If she didn’t get caught, she’ll still be parading on WSHH drunk, and talking non sense. So, I don’t buy this changed, and found God crap.

        Let her go back to Venezuela where she can be the bad ass she so proclaimed to be, two years ago. Let’s see if she’s tough then.

        If she was really serious about changing her life, she would done so, the moment she ran away from her pimp, or when she had her baby.

  2. If your not Native Indian you are an immigrant period point blank argue if you want . Zimmerman killed a teenager and is out on BAIL but Andrea is being sent back to a third world country for what exactly again ? Doing what she had to do to survive ? expossing a rapper ? Who cares ? I’m not saying she’s a saint or that she deserves a Nobel peace prize but everybody deserves a second chance . Nobody walking this earth surface is perfect and who are we to judge ?

    • if kat had killed someone raped someone assaulted mugged then I can see but most of her wrong doing were done from a computer i dont get it it was those rappers who supplied her with plane tickets it was clubs who were paying her i say she deserves another chance

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