Chris Brown breaks up with Girlfriend Karrueche over Drake?



I find this story hard to believe  but i have seen it on a few sites so I am heavily looking into it. I will give you the 411 on it.

Chris Brown and his beautiful girlfriend Karrueche Tran  is rumored to have broken up, not only does that come as a surprise but even more of a surprise is the reason they allegedly broke up. Drake!  I am making some phone calls to get this confirmed but allegedly this is what happened. Karrueche through her mgmnt company was contacted by Drake’s people for a project (strictly business) Chris Brown found out (after Karrueche told him) and he didn’t take to kindly to it. Now if your Karrueche I know you are only conducting business but you had to know better  if this is true. Check out the story

Chris and Karrueche done?


Karen Civil is pretty credible when it comes to truth plus all the rumors about secret meetings  with Rihanna and the alleged secret meetings  before the fight with Drake in the club is another reason why this story seems credible. We will definitely keep you posted. if it is true and Chris has Rihanna back?  Hi Karrueche  ( me on twitter)  that is one fine woman  that Karrueche Tran


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