Attack of The Small Penis Man Exclusive must read

Well now that we see who was behind the Mass Murderers  of The Colorado shootings, The Shooting at Virginia Tech and The Columbine shootings we see half the problem, Small Penis Men are dangerous to society. James Holmes the man who is the suspected Gunman of the Batman  movie shootings  had a profile on Adult  and  and in both profiles he stated that he had a small penis..


James Holmes' Match.Com Profile

The VA Tech shootings  was done by a Asian (so you know his d**k was small) and he could never get a date allegedly the one who girl who attempted to give him some ass told the entire school how small his yang was
The 2 columbine Killers  were mad because they dicks were small    the women laughed at them about not having sex appeal and being “weird”  Look at these 2 losers you know they wasn’t packing nothing


Moral of the story is  ALL these little penis men  women stay away from them, don’t care how much money they have,how charming they are or how educated they are   They are more prone to be massed murderers,serial rapist or Just plain crazy and deranged..    Women were right  Size does matter.

My wifey has  nothing to worry about  10 inches over here:)

NOTE:   I am in no way making light or making a joke about the terrible tragedies that took place at Columbine, Virginia Tech  and in Aurora Colorado  it is simply to say  if you see ANY SIGNS of something strange, something that isn’t right or something that you find out of the ordinary with anyone , it does not hurt to say something,Hell it could be nothing  but then again  you could save someones life or even your own. R.I.P to all the victims and a Prayers up  for all the victims  families


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