Where is this girls parents? Will & Jada get your girl

Willow Smith is just a little too grown for me,earlier this week she is telling her parents to let her be her and “nobody can change her” Now she is putting things on Twitter that are totally unsuitable for a 11 year old

Willow Tweeted ‘ Pink Matter is the most deep song Frank Ocean Wow! Props to Rachel Harris for showing me this song”

WHUT!!! What does  Jada and Will allow  Willow to listen too?  The song Pink Matter is about Frank’s Ode to Vagina  so how does Willow think this song is so deep?

Here are some  of the lyrics

Is she just a container for the child That soft pink matter Cotton candy Majin Buu Close my eyes and fall into you My god she’s giving me pleasure

What if the sky and the stars are for show And the aliens are watching live From the purple matter Sensei went quiet then violent And we sparred until we both grew tired Nothing mattered Cotton candy Majin Buu Dim the lights and fall into you, you, you My god, giving me pleasure Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure Pleasure over matter

What in the hell is Jada and Will doing when this 11 year -old girl is listening to songs about crotch?

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