Rihanna Tweets flirty picture “For my boo” was it for Chris Brown or Drake?

Rihanna seems to be the new drug no matter what men just can’t stay away from her and neither can we.While on her current quest of cruising  around the Mediterranean Rhi Rhi tweeted a black and white pic blowing a kiss and captioned it “For My boo”

So let the speculation begin  was this Kiss for Drake,Chris Brown or someone else? Meek Millz? Matt Kemp? or maybe Jay-z

This week alone it has been speculated that Rihanna has been linked to 4 men Drake,Chris Brown Meek Millz and some Mystery Guy
There was a report that Rihanna and Chris Brown had a secret date early this week (Click here if you missed it)  This was according to Allegedly a member of the Brown camp who reported back to Perez Hilton (really?)

Then the next day it was reported that Rihanna was ready to commit to Drake and Rekindle their relationship (Click here if you missed that  

According to The Sun   Rihanna is looking to rekindle her relationship with rapper/singer Drake. Ri allegedly spent $155,000 on a yacht that would take them on a voyage around the Mediterranean to some of the most romantic spots in the world.

Of course we have been seeing pics of Rihanna on that cruise with only her girls joining her  so unless Drake is joining her late  this aint happening either

Of course the week started off with the Rumor that Rihanna and rapper Meek Millz met up in a hotel room in London  and the rumor and pics of her sitting with a mystery man on her yacht in Italy, but I believe that is her assistant’s Boyfriend. So with all that being said who do you think that Tweet was for?

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