Will hanging with Rappers ruin Justin Bieber’s career?


Justin Bieber Mojo Interview


I just have to ask this question because I saw this coming a long time ago.The Moment I saw Justin Bieber doing things like showing up on stage with different rappers,doing the Dougie,Kicking freestyle on urban radio,dressing like certain rappers, then you have him showing up fight night with Floyd Mayweather and sparring with Mike Tyson. All of these signs are not good ones. When Justin visited  “the Breakfast Club” morning show in New York one of the host Charlamange the God made some points that Justin and others found offensive but it was very true to a certain extent. C-The God said ” don’t start messing round with these negroes and this urban market  I’m telling you its only going to hurt You” People got at Charlamange on Twitter calling him out of line for saying those things to Justin who was clearly annoyed but when you think about it  he is right. Think back to Justin Timberlake if you notice he never fully crossed over to the Urban market because the moment his record company started feeling like he was catering too much to black folks they almost was done with Timberlake what did Justin Do? Exactly he stopped trying to make records that catered to the hood and catered to Urban america and got back in white people mode because at the end of the day  they are the ones that are going to make him a superstar.

Justin Lately has been in numerous run ins with the police, he has shown that he throw temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way  Like recently hanging up on  a phone interview, Punching a pap (after he sparred the night before with Mike Tyson), using several curse words out in public  and on twitter.He just does not seem to be the same person now granted he is growing up  but only in height and age. Bieber still has the attitude and personality of a child and I am not saying that has anything to do with the Urban Community or any Black friends he may have in the industry  I mean hell Usher is black and Usher signed Justin Bieber, but  I mean these rappers and  thug acting athletes  that are always walking around mean mugging and calling women bitches and talking broken english these are the ones  that if Justin continues to follow and do records with  that will end his career and cause him to lose (and let’s keep it real) the main machine  behind Justin Bieber and a lot of The industry. I’m not saying you can’t listen to them, I’m not saying you can’t like them  what I am saying is  Just don’t invite them over for Sunday dinner  and keep it ” See ya when I see ya”

Bieber loses cool on Radio

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