Ray-J disses Kim Kardashian on Twitter?

Today Kim Kardashian was calling herself being inspirational to her 15 million followers but her ex boyfriend Ray-J seemed to have found something about her tweet hilarious. Kim tweeted to her followers “Keep your life in a positive  perspective We are not defined  by our past”   Seems pretty positive right? well Ray-J retweeted that to all of his followers with a big LOL behind it seemingly mocking Kimmie cakes tweet

And of course you know all the Kimmie Cakes haters have to retweet it because they need someone to make them feel better because their prediction of “kim your 15 minutes are just about up” doesn’t seem to be coming true any time soon

Do you think Ray-J sounds a little salty? maybe because that sex-tape has catapulted Kim to a bigger star than Ray has ever been

Of course he is going to say what Ray-J says ” I wish her the best” I wish them the best”  I am concentrating on staying positive” yadi yadi yadi. Don’t get me wrong I like Ray i think he is a smart business man and yes we get it! Your sex tape helped get Kim Kardashian famous but the key word here is HELPED. I have seen hundreds of celebrity sex tapes but NONE of them have turned it into a multi million dollar entity.  Just saying

One thought on “Ray-J disses Kim Kardashian on Twitter?

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