Is Mya the real “baddest chick in the game” We will tell you why she just might be

Mya Harrison has been in this game over 10 years and I must truly say she is still as engaging as when I first met her. The Looks, music, smile and  the body are still all incredible,charming, entertaining and sexy. The reason we ask this question is because Look at MYA   all natural beauty and booty  the Illuminati may be able to  control her sales and her place on the music scene right now  but they can’t control that this woman is as naturally beautiful and talented as anyone in the game..She has been short-changed and disrespected since the days when she was putting out constant and consistent hits but was always looked over for the likes of Aaliyah,Beyoncé,Ashanti and others. Now with the unfortunate death of Aaliyah,the decline of Ashanti and the questions lingering around Beyoncé’s ethics morals and secret society connections in the industry  there is Mya Harrison  quietly going about her business,no controversy and going about her business  being her own boss,putting out records when she wants,picking and choosing appearances she wants to make and never a question about her altering her looks,body or soul. Isn’t that what The Baddest Chick in The game  should be?

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