Did Hillary Clinton have a 1 night stand in Havana?

Hillary Clinton partying and dancing

SEXclusive! Remember last month those pics of Hillary Clinton In Havana Partying and Throwing Back Beer and Whiskey shots? Well that may not be all that went down. According to Mongle Slade Gossip Blogger  Hillary (who had up to 8 other females with her) Allegedly   went back to one of her female friends hotel room where they were entertained by 4 male Columbian  strippers. This tip was sent to him by an Anonymous source who said they were there in the hotel suite that Hillary and her party of 12 were staying “they were laughing and loud but not disruptive  just having a good time  but that hotel is known for its private hotel parties.. Hillary was seen the next morning looking “Totally worn out”  This same source says that the last  person to leave that room around 4am was a young Columbian gentlemanEveryone else had left her room unless Hillary left through a connecting hotel room door” The man said


Wow Hillary gettin it n like that? well the talk has been that Bill has never really stopped his cheating and has allegedly been with several other women since the Monica Lewinsky debacle


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