Chris Brown is ” So Over’ Rihanna

All of you ChriHanna Fans that had visions of Chris Brown and Rihanna rekindling there Ike and Tina Turner like relationship is doesn’t look to good right now. According to very reliable sources Chris Brown is in love with his Girlfriend Karrueche and is falling more and more every day, Recently Chris dropped 10k on champagne celebrating his ladies Birthday

People are saying that Chris Brown privately tells his friends that he is so disgusted by Rihanna and her public slutty displays that he would never consider getting back with her” The sources say Chris talks about  how “simple” his relationship is with Karrueche  and how she loves him  for him and there is “no drama” with her and he never has to worry about her “dipping out on him”


After Chris sent out a tweet to his lady

  with an instagram pic of her   


Rihanna showed that the jealousy was eating her up by shortly after Tweeting

By Rhi Rhi responding she is showing she does give a f..k

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