LA LA Land ” Is The Beat Worth The Cheat? What To Do If Your Partner Cheats


LA Rivers    Follow her @larivers

We all have a sixth sense, that women’s intuition or the male canine sensibility that lets us know exactly when our partner is on some shade shi*t.  Many of us keep quiet while building up our list of the less desirable acts of our lover only to pile it on them (to gain extra leverage) when the shit finally hits the fan.  But when all the smoke clears, you must make a decision: What do I do now since my man/woman has cheated?  Dun dun DuNNNNNNN!
I know the first thing that comes to mind, after you’ve slashed his tires or set fire to all of her desirables of course, is to leave them, BUT we all know that this is easier said than done. Usually, the horrible thoughts following betrayal linger and the need for an explanation overwhelms us to the point that we often go back for ‘closure’, i.e., the talk that usually gets you no where but butt-naked for a rambunctious make-up-sex session and the possibility of a second try.  But is that what you really want?

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