Soulja Boy Arrested in Atlanta on Drugs/gun charges Ah Haaa (laughing)


According to All

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy is in trouble with the law, after getting caught with marijuana.

According to, the 21-year-old was caught with four other men in-car in Temple, Georgia.

Police decided to conduct a search when they noticed the smell of marijuana emanating from the vehicle.

A search of the vehicle turned up a large amount of marijuana, $70,000 in cash and guns.

Police immediately arrested Soulja Boy, born DeAndre Cortez Way, is currently being held in the Carroll City jail.
In February of 2010, Soulja Boy was given 12 months probation, over an incident in Henry County, Georgia.

The rapper was among a group of about 40 people who fled from police, while shooting a video in an abandon house.

Ironically, the rapper’s arrest comes on the same day as the release of his new autobiographical film, Soulja Boy: The Movie, featuring Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Hurricane Chris and others.


While I never wish Jail on any person I do wish it on people who deserve it. Any other man would have gotten shot down for running from the police. Soulja Boy and these rappers think it’s something funny. Good I wouldn’t care of he got his silly ass locked up. Might teach him a lesson


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