Beyonce reps comment on “fake baby bump” allegations calling them rediculous and False


What did you think they were going to say? “ok jigs up  we were lying?

Well the internet is still buzzing over the video in which Beyoncé was talking  on a Australian  tv show and her belly appeared to fold as she was sitting down. Finally Beyoncé reps fired back at suspicions calling them ridiculous,stupid and false’

They also point to pictures of Beyoncé in a bikini of their proof


MY WORD: Ok first off do you really think a Beyonce’ rep is going to go public and say” ok you got us  we were lying the whole time” of course not  they are always going to deny controversy. That’s what PR reps do, they diffuse negative situations.  I myself would not rule out the Surrogate mother route.  I have my doubts about Jay-z being able to even have children based on long time rumors in the industry that go back 15 years and also based on the law of averages. How many rappers Jay-z’s age  that grew up around groupies and willing fans and longtime girlfriends and flings that have absolutely NO KIDS. Look down the list of all the rappers 35 and older Jay-z  has been that good,lucky and smart? I doubt it

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