2 pac’s Mom ” I will sue anyone who tries to put out that tape”

Afeni Shakur


Afeni don’t play that. Anyone who tries to put out this sex-tape that has now surfaced of her  son 2Pac getting head from some random girl while his pals looked on will be sued




The bottom line is IF you think you can put this tape out without Afeni doing anything to stop it  than go ahead I would love to see someone show some balls. Now their has been a lot of talk about the content of this tape. Allegedly Pac is getting oral sex from a woman then goes AND puts his arms around Money b while it is happening. Money b stands their and watches as he and 2pac  talk in the camera.

Um not really my steeze but I know thats how these dudes in the west and south be getting down. It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none” is their motto. I know all the times dudes be double penertrating a woman you don’t think their balls touch? I mean again not my steeze  but i’m just saying


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