Adele back to hitting the bottle cancels North American concerts


According to the Wakey Wakey News

British soul singer Adele, who was recently named the most powerful person in the UK music industry, has had to cancel the remaining concert dates on her sold-out North American tour because of laryngitis. “I’m really frustrated,” she wrote on her website. “I was hoping with a weeks’ rest I’d be better to sing again straight away. However there is absolutely nothing I can do but take the doctor’s advice and rest some more. I’m so sorry.” She is hoping to be able to resume her tour for its upcoming European dates.

It’s not the 23-year-old’s first bout with laryngitis, or inflammation of the vocal chords. She recently told British Glamour that she had the problem once before, about a week before her latest album came out. The episode frightened her, she confessed, and she decided to try to live a healthier lifestyle, quitting smoking, drinking, caffeine, and citrus foods. But she soon found the new regimen “boring” and quit. “It was f**king grim… When my album went to number one here [in Britain] and in America, I just sat in my room and watched TV because I couldn’t go out and talk to anyone.” Adele admitted that her voice sounded noticeably better when she was not smoking, but went on to say, “I’d rather my voice be a bit s**t so I can have a f**king laugh.”

Adele also told Q Magazine that she wouldn’t be doing any big music festivals this summer despite some lucrative offers, partly because she is prone to anxiety attacks in front of large crowds, but also because she’d rather be sitting in London’s Brockwell Park with her friends drinking (hard) cider. She went on to say that she doesn’t have any interest in exercising, either. “I don’t want to go down the f**king gym. I want to go to the pub with my mates. I can’t be bothered. It’s not even lazy, it’s just other things thrill me in life.”

Now that her laryngitis has returned and is affecting her ability to perform for fans, Adele may want to revisit the idea of returning to a healthier lifestyle. Certainly some of her supporters hope she does. Fan Trent Vanegas wrote on her website, “Dear Adele, please quit smoking. Thank you!” And Amanda Kirschner said the singer should “take the time to think about the contents of your ashtray…we love you, pray for you, and support you in taking whatever necessary steps to get better, and not just with your throat.” Well said.


MY Word: Right now Adele you have the world by the balls  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ? I’m a need you to get it together

3 thoughts on “Adele back to hitting the bottle cancels North American concerts

  1. Well unlike most I just became a fan of her song about 2 mos ago listening to her on our XM radio that we play in my office at work. Now I think she has an amazing voice and unlike most she can really sing. I validate a true born to sing person when they can sing Acapella and that she can do. No music no cover up with instruments and no back up singers to come in on parts she can’t hit.
    I honestly thought watching her on YouTube that she LOVED singing and to add enjoy it. But when I read this report on her and the replies from her, I now am a little confuse.

    So I would ask….Why put out CDs and become so famous and do very very well in sells of the cd if you wasn’t ready to or didn’t want to?? Meaning if it takes you to stop smoking & drinking and/or eating healthy, to be able to HOLD concerts and go on tour, why not?? It’s because of the FANs that you are at this point in your life….why disregard us as if we are just another hobby?? Also why even set dates, have people buy tickets, just to turn around and cancel them?? No sincere apology just some “I’m sorry”…but them explain in great detail how you rather seat in the park with friends, go to the pub the to do what is needed to get you back on track with your tours??

    I find this very disturbing that you “ADELE” is that type of person. Seems so sweet, With a beautiful beautiful voice, but such a “Confused” spirit. I don’t know if that’s how you TREAT you “Mates” in your country….but us Americans doesn’t like it and don’t think highly of a person who thinks that is COOL. I know you may say this lady is crazy…but if you forgot people isn’y buying CDs no more, in this economy they are downloading the artist songs & CDs in some cases before it even make it to the stores…so when you have honest people like me that pay my hard earn money to put a $ in your pocket, I feel you can at least be honest and courteous and own up to your end.

    It would be so NICE if you can just do that much 😉 you be BLESS & I will keep you in my prayers for true healing.

  2. @simply adored please subscribe to my blog

    I totally agree with everything you are saying. – would never call you crazy I give all my friends on this blog a chance to speak. I sit and say the same things about artist movie stars etc all the time.You have millions of ppl who love and support you and this is how you repay them? The people that make these artist famous are spending sometimes their last dime to see or support these artist. I totally agree with you

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