Yes!!Sheryl Crow flashes her underwear and Shania Twain tumbles

Sheryl Crow, Underwear

Yes you gotta love the CMT awards.During her duet with ex-smashing partner Kid Rock. Sheryl C row dressed in a short, white skirt to croon the song on a stool alongside Rock, Crow briefly flashed her pannies to the camera when she stood up — in a DVR-replay moment that quickly went viral online.

The Grammy winner and mother of two was chill about the flub about an hour later while presenting an award with singer Sara Evans.

After all, it could have been way worse, Evans pointed out at the podium. “At least you were wearing underwear,” she cracked.

Joked Crow: “I was wearing underwear because I’m good, clean, wholesome family fun.

Shania entered the sold-out Bridgestone Arena, where she was set to present “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton with the award for Best Male Video of the Year, but it was her entrance – and not the award – that made headlines, as she took a spill during her walk to the stage.

Always the good sport, the singer – who blamed the fall on her high heels

laughed off the gaffe in a video message posted after the show.

“I just made a complete fool of myself and experienced one of life’s most embarrassing moments,” Shania said in the taped message on her website. “I don’t need a stunt double. I didn’t hurt myself. I have a bit of a sore thumb and that’s about it.”

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