Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries pre-nup and she has more money than him “All that ass”



For all the people calling Kim Kardashian a “Golddigger” I think you need to find another word. First off Kim comes from money secondly the guy she is marrying Kris Humpries(bench warmer for the New Jersey Nets) technically has less money than Kim. They estimate Kim is worth about $35Million dollars, well I did some research and when you add up Kris Humphries salary he is making about 3.5 million dollars this year and does not have a contract after this season. I am sure he is at the tail end of a what? 3 year 5 year contract? so I would say it’s safe to say it is Kim who needs to protect herself and that is what she is doing. According to

Sources close to the couple tell us … both Kim and her NBA star hubby-to-be are telling friends, “It’s the smart thing to do.” And, by the way, they’re right.



Kris Humphries can’t handle that. Kim gonna get tired of this square real quick
MY WORD: Kim is an attention and media seeker and grabber. Once she falls out of love with the Idea of Falling in love and being wifed up she will dump this plum. Kim there are guys out there with the same star power as you that would wife you up I mean who wouldn’t? If the guys you have messed with will not wife you up I would take a page out of Kat Williams book and say “I suggest you stop messing with Bitch N…Z we all have skeletons whether  it is on film or not. We are all somebody’s sloppy seconds


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