Justin Timberlake and the olsen twins 3some? whutt!!!


Justin Timberlake 'Not Romantically Involved With Anyone,' Rep Says | Ashley Olsen, Justin Timberlake

Lately Justin Timberlake has been seen with Ashley Olsen and the whispers of a romance had begun.Eyebrows were raised when the duo was spotted taking in an off-Broadway performance of Sleep No More on Friday in Manhattan, but a rep for Timberlake, 30, says, “Justin is not romantically involved with anyone.”

A source close to Timberlake, who split from Jessica Biel last winter, adds that he and Ashley, 24, “have mutual friends. They were hanging out as a group.”Although Timberlake may indeed be single, an Ashley source says she and the actor are more than just friends.

“I’m not sure if Ashley is serious with Justin or not – they aren’t dating but they have hooked up recently,” the source tells PEOPLE.

Justin I hear wants that 3some with the Twins..  I’ll sign for that

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