Shaquille O Neal retires after 19 years How we will miss what he did for the NBA



When he came out of L.S.U as the number 1 draft pick in 1992 Shaq was looked upon as the savior of the new franchise The Orlando Magic. He quickly made an impact winning the Rookie Of The year averaging 23.4 ppg 13.9 rpg  and 3.5 blocks

He took the Orlando Magic to the finals becoming the only team to upset A Bull team in the conference finals that had Michael Jordan,Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson. Although he got Swept in his first finals appearance in 1994 against the Rockets and the great Hakeem Olajuwon Shaq played well averaging 28 points 12.5 rebounds and 6.3 assist

O’Neal became a free agent after the 95-96 season and signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. He would go on to win  3 titles with the Lakers back to back to back along side Phil Jackson the former coach of the Chicago Bulls who already had 6 titles and teenage star Kobe Bryant. Shaq finished his career with 4 other teams the Miami Heat(which he won his 4th title with) The Phoenix Suns The Cleveland Cavaliers and The Boston Celtics but as great as Shaq was and for as much as we will remember him on the court I believe we will remember him Off the court. The vibrant personality,the nicknames,the entertaining press conferences  that smile that could light up  any room and his just natural  kindness to men,women.young people,old people. What about his charity work that so many times went unnoticed. In the  era where young African-American athletes in  were getting in trouble you never even heard of him getting so much as a speeding ticket.He honoured his mother and his step father who he would say was his real father. Never heard of  a rape charge,a nightclub incident, a gun charge, possession of any kind of drug and for this I think Shaquille O Neal did not get enough credit. Then what about the charity work that he did for kids? most of the time not even announcing it showing up to hospitals to see sick children,donating millions of dollars even to the city of Orlando continuously even after he departed and they booed him every time he came back to the arena. How he dressed up like Shaq a Claus and the Shaq easter bunny when other athletes thought they were too above it and too big for it and too good for it. there was Shaq going to the hospitals and schools dressed up just to give the less fortunate a  few hours of happiness. Shaquille  was that one figure who gave the NBA a “good guy” While the whole world sat and waited for him to do something wrong  for him to cheat on his wife for him to get caught with a gun Shaq just went on about his business. Playing Basketball and making PG rap records that had no profanity in the 90’s era of rap that included the most profane records. In the Shaquille O neal ends his incredible career with 4 world titles 3 finals mvp’s one regular season mvp 1 rookie of the year 15 all-star appearances 1 olympic gold medal 1 worlds championship games  Gold medal, A career points per game avg of 23.8 and over 28,000 points  don’t forget 1 platinum album…    While the Anti Shaq people(all 3 of them) will try to bring up his late allegations of stalking and cheating  but refuse to bring up that he is the most generous athlete of our generation giving away  a total of well over 10million dollars in his career. Not to forget how he went to Miami and became  a deputy marshall.On March 2, 2005, O’Neal was given an honorary U.S. Deputy Marshal title and named the spokesman for the Safe Surfin’ Foundation; he served an honorary role on the task force of the same name, which tracks down sexual predators who target children on the Internet.[107] Upon his trade to Miami, O’Neal began training to become a Miami Beach reserve officer. On December 8, 2005, he was sworn in, but elected for a private ceremony to avoid distracting attention from the other officers. He assumed a $1 per year salary in this capacity.[108] Shortly thereafter, in Miami, O’Neal witnessed a hate crime (assaulting a man while calling out homophobic slurs) and called Miami-Dade police, describing the suspect and helping police, over his cell phone, track the offender.[108] O’Neal’s actions resulted in the arrest of two suspects on charges of aggravated battery, assault, and a hate crime

Shaq We thank you not just for being in my opinion  the 3rd greatest center of all time (behind Kareem and Wilt) but for  being a kind,considerate and gentle giant that never looked down on anyone who would be considered “beneath” you. In this day of “Hollywood” Personalities that is so rare. We will miss you Shaquille,Shaq, Shaq a bunny Shaq a claus O’neal. Long live the Big Aristotle   now you can be the Big “taken it easy”  You deserve it    love you big fella


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