Breaking News Rihanna and Chris Together again another report and Jay-z Approves?


Rihanna and Chris Brown


My sources been working on this ever since last month when it was reported that Chris Brown and Rihanna had started following each other again on Twitter.It seems as though Rihanna is not caring about what her fans say,what her advisors say and what her parents say about Chris Brown because sources say the two are back together again and are just keeping it quiet from the Public until “the right moment” That’s not the strangest part  now after reportedly threatening Chris Brown’s life the first time around Jay-z is now said to be ok with her decision’ According to sources Jay-z said “Rihanna is a grown woman and this is her life”  In other words he is going to stay out of it. Well Jay that’s funny because just less than 2 years ago you sure didn’t wanna stay out of it when you were trying your best even going as far as threatening to take away Rihanna’s record deal to keep the 2 apart.Now your ok with it? or you are going to stay out of it?.. This story originally broke from a U.K publication who said that they  were informed that the 2 had seen each other recently in LA. Well even since that story yet another story has been reported. A hotel down in Downtown Miami said that on the weekend that Chris Brown and Rihanna was there they secretly hooked up. According to a clerk at the hotel A phone call came for Brown somewhere around 3am the woman just asked for the room but the worker said it was definitely rihanna ” I am a Rhi Rhi fan said the 26yr old clerk I know her voice anywhere. I even froze and paused when I heard it and asked who should I say is calling? because with celebs we have to for security reasons get approval to send the call through ” After she said Britney But I know it was Rihanna. Then you must have a 4 digit special code just in case its  a “poser”  she knew the code and the call got past through” A little less than an Hour from there Chris Brown left his hotel and did not return until the next afternoon”  I would make a bet that Rihanna came to Miami and they met up at Rihanna’s newly purchased secret condo through a 3rd party”       Now back to Jigga. Didn’t we tell you that we think there are illuminati arranged marriages? Funny how Jigga would have done anything to keep Rihanna from Chris Brown even so much as jeopardizing his marriage to go out every night partying with Rhi Rhi  just to keep the wolves off her (ask Andrew Bynum why he stopped dating Rihanna so fast) Now ever since the rumor has gotten around that Chris Brown is now”playing for other side” (devil’s play) since the release of his song “Fallen Angel now Jay seems nothing wrong with this?

I predict On New Years eve Chris Brown and Rihanna will be seen in public together for the first time. Remember where you heard this story and first  and DON’T GET IT TWISTED

MY WORD  Rihanna is a fool, if anything else happens to her  she deserves it  sorry

4 thoughts on “Breaking News Rihanna and Chris Together again another report and Jay-z Approves?


  2. if that is what you want to believe that’s fine

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