Lil Wayne’s mystery girl revealed

You knew we were gonna dig and dig and dig  until we found out some thangs about Lil Wayne’s mystery girl

Lil Wayne and New Girlfriend Dhea

With these internets being what they are these days, it was only a matter of time before we stopped having to refer to Lil’ Wayne’s new mystery girl as a ‘mystery.’

And now, thanks to, the girl has a name: Dhea.

After spotting this tweet:

Twitter revelation of Lil Wayne's New girlfriend

… the Complex staff did some digging and discovered that Dhea is of Italian descent and is apparently part of the wait staff at a Scottsdale eatery called Suede Restaurant & Lounge.

No word as to whether Dhea has left Scottsdale for good or not. Weezy does have to make trips to see his P.O. in Yuma, Arizona until July 2013. So maybe she won’t need to leave her whole life behind. Check out more photos of Dhea below.

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