Ciara and Amare done already?

Amari'e Stoudemire and Ciara

Word on the Blok is that the Fling between Amare Stoudemire and R&B singer Ciara may be done.

So soon? After all that flexing for the cameras it’s looking like Ciara and Amar’e Stoudemire may have met a rocky road. Everyone is wondering the status of the pair after Amar’e showed up at a Whitney Art Party event without the singer, who was spotted at the “Hangover” premiere instead. To make matters worse, Amar’e was seen getting his flirt on at the event.

Here are more details:

Has Amar’e Stoudemire said “sayonara” to Ciara?

The New York Knicks forward and team renaissance man was slated to attend Tuesday night’s Whitney Art Party with the “Goodies” singer, but arrived without her and spent a good portion of the night gazing at another masterpiece of the female form.

Stoudemire seemed to be a little sensitive to the fact that Ciara was not with him. When we asked the ballplayer where she was, he replied curtly: “She’s not here, buddy.” (Reps for Stoudemire and Ciara did not get back to us by deadline.)

Stoudemire did not have a difficult time finding a beautiful woman to keep him company, however. After making a couple of rounds through the young and fashionable crowd at the Highline Stages on W. 15th St., Stoudemire — who served as an honorary co-chair of the event with fashion designer Eddie Borgo and Pop editor-at-large Shala Monroque — headed to a makeshift VIP area with his agent, Happy Walters.

Towering over the crowd, Stoudemire quickly became a magnet for a parade of beautiful women who wanted to be in a photo with him. After dancing in place to the deejay for a bit, he became engrossed in conversation with a statuesque brunette who told us her name was Laura Belmont-de Gunzburg.

She said she works at the Pace Gallery and is the daughter of art collector Nathalie de Gunzburg, the chairman of the board of trustees at Dia Art Foundation.

Laura said she and Stoudemire were “just friends,” and the Knick eventually left the VIP area without her to peruse the artwork offered in the silent auction. He seemed to get a real kick out of a 3-D silk-screened boom-box piece by Ryan Humphrey. Entitled “Ghetto Blaster,” the artwork even came with silk-screened cassettes.

Just friends huh? Wonder if she’s the kind of friend he sends explicit pics… Hmmm, it might not be a wrap for them yet, but we can’t say we’re surprised since things have already been so messy.

MY WORD: If this is true how surprised would you really be? Wasn’t Amare parading around with Amber just a few days prior to her being with Wiz

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